Do Couples Use Sex Toys in the Bedroom?

A subject broached only by the fearless few, within the confines of a dimly lit bedroom and between the closest of confidantes, or, as is usually the case, behind the anonymity of chatrooms and the cackle of letter-and-number usernames – sex toys are typically equated to fetishism and perversion. This attribution has created an imagery of sex toys being used by perverted people in perverted videos to satisfy their perverted viewers. It is seldom, if ever among one’s social circle, mentioned alongside discussions of committed relationships and holistically satisfying bedroom adventures.

Sex toys are bad. Couples using sex toys in the bedroom are worse. Anyone finding out is worst, because no one uses adult toys unless they are not performing satisfactorily under the sheets, right? No. Maybe. But mostly, no.

Thus, the question, do couples use sex toys in the bedroom? The short answer would be, yes, they do. However, not of all them do, nor do they all start early in their respective relationships.

The kind of stigma wherein the use of sex toys denotes a lack of virility or failure to excite and push one’s partner over the edge to completion makes it more difficult for partners who enjoy these things. It makes for the perfectly awkward and painfully uncomfortable atmosphere that renders partners unable to openly discuss the opportunity with each other.

Furthermore, individuals in relatively new relationships find it harder to express their inclination towards the experience as sex toys are more often linked to no-strings attached, pornographic-type relationships. This is rather unfortunate because these adult toys not only serve as substitutes for the real thing but also enhance the entire experience for both parties.

On the other hand, there are still couples around the world unafraid of taking advantage of adult toys to pleasure their partners. In fact, 72% percent of people who admit to owning sex toys use them with their partners. According to the same global sex survey, of the proud toy-wielding women out there, 62% are in committed relationships with their partners.

So, yes, couples use sex toys in the bedroom and this article offers some enlightenment as to the reasons why couples who are more attuned with their own and their partners’ sexual desires are willing to be more adventurous with sexual play.

Sex toys encourage creativity. It is widely accepted that couples, even in committed relationships, go through the ups and downs of monotony. Add to that the limited number of contortions the average body can be subjected to for sexual intercourse and the differences between the anatomy and orgasmic requirements of both parties, sex toys offer a different perspective. With these toys, couples start to venture into the deeper desires of each other and they become more curious as to what works for the other.

Some people actually need the help of sex toys in order to climax. About ¾ of women cannot orgasm with pure penetration and need clitoral stimulation to achieve it. Some may argue that clitoral stimulation can be done without the aid of sex toys. While they do have a point, using sex toys also help reduce the risk of finger cramps, as well as, make it more enjoyable for both parties.

A majority of women have voiced out that they would like their partners to try using a sex toy with them while more men find pleasure in being instrumental to satisfying their partners’ desires. It also helps that sex toys enable men to get a better visual of their partners’ reactions.

Not all sex toys are penetrative; some of them take the form of everyday objects such as scarves, blindfolds, ropes, and cuffs. These all aid in the fulfillment of one’s sexual desires when used properly. Additionally, they also provide a distraction from one’s deemed flaws which consequently improves self-esteem. Focusing on the toys means focusing more on the pleasure derived from which activity and details works than on one’s physical perfections and flaws.

Trust and intimacy are also at the core of sexual play and sex toys because it relies on one caring enough about the other’s desires to fulfill them.

Yes, couples use sex toys in the bedroom (for the most part). Some of them are willing to go public with it, some opt to keep it between themselves. Some just straight to the big bad deed, while some would rather begin the discussion after reaching a milestone in their relationships. Some decide to not go there at all and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re into mature women and sex toys try using Mature Tube Dates as a way to find mature sex and mature pussy to use sex toys on. Either way, it still happens all over the world – partners pleasuring their partners with the aid of creatively manufactured toys.


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